Mac bash scp command not found

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bash command on mac terminal not working anymore. Hot Network Questions Display only the penultimate row of a text bash: scp: command not found lost connection SCP from Remote Mac to SSH'd Server Fails. 6. terminal -bash: command not found. . scp command “bash: scp: command not found -bash: ls: command not found Mac OS X unusual bash activity? 0. Terminal returns not found for most commands Mac OSX. bash-command not found; for every command == fear i could screwed up the When I want to enter a command (for example say) it returns a message like this: bash: say: command not found. 3. It appears every time I write a command. This baffles me. sudo [any command here ] bash: sudo: command not found Eek! I tried to uninstall the Ruby Version Manager (it wouldn't compile Ruby for some reason). 1 'bash: ifconfig: command not found' occurs when I'm using scp in CentOS7. sudo: command not found on MacOS Sierra. Bash Return 'Command not found' for all command. I am using the SCP command to transfer files from my desktop of my mac osx SCP gives File or directory not found. 0. 4 and am struggling with the command: diskutil Whenever I type in diskutil the terminal says: -bash: diskutil: command not found Does anyone know what the problem might I recently wanted to use the rm command in Terminal on my Mac. What do I have to do? I've installed Raspbian on a Raspberry Pi and I'm trying to send a test file from my Macbook to the Pi over my LAN, but I keep getting the error: bash: scp: command not found followed by lost I am using Mac OS X 10. To my surprise, it just reponds with: -bash: rm: command not found I can use mv, cp, cd, ls etc. up vote 12 down vote favorite